StandFore Banking Solutions

When it comes to banking services, professionalism and competence remain our top priorities. From the complex software development, implementation, testing, IT consultation to the Quality Assurance services; Standfore Software Company has got you covered. Standfore software firm has stood the test of time with a good reputation in the banking industry. At Standfore Company, we offer customized banking solutions to all our prospects that include but not limited to:
• Secure and convenient channels & application for remote banking services: such as mobile banking, personal internet banking, and virtual office.
• Retail digital banking
• Corporate and SMB digital banking
• Unified front office
• Free consultation services
Our banking solutions give the clients an opportunity for intellectual interaction with the users that enhances better banking services. Standfore business analysts work closely with various UX designers, visual designers & UI engineers to provide an uncluttered, intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy remote banking solutions and successful marketing. This makes the firm such a relevant tool in the modern society where technology has a lot to offer.
Through the digital retail banking platform, Standfore provides high-end solutions that come with technological innovations. This will see your firm deliver superior user-experience & manageability via the digital e-channels. This platform incorporates other sub-systems such as; mobile banking, online banking, and PFM.
Corporate or the Small & Medium Business, (SMB) can also benefit from the new technological solutions. These include unique platform architecture that provides digital services to clients with a combination of rich functionality, technological excellence, and modern e-banking trends. If you are also looking for an efficient platform to fully organize the daily firm events and activities; our unified front services are there for you. This service provides a digital channel between your firm and the customers which allow a two-way type of communication. This service integrates with the other e-channels and standfore’s office banking solutions.
With our free consultation services, our experts perform a deep review of the bank electronic channels & prepare detailed reports that will be helpful in further digital strategic development, you can get more info from forums. From digital channel development, implementation of tailored banking solutions, custom baking software development, outsourcing to out staffing services: Standfore software firm has all that takes to provide the best of banking solutions in your business.
If you are looking for a banking solution company that’s convenient and reliable all through, you’re in the right place. You can always bank less and benefit more with us; our services are geared towards productivity and user-friendly experience. We believe in quality services and customer satisfaction.